Our society is heading toward an electric-mobility future.

Batteries are at the center of this revolution.

Electric cars

The Challenge

Mobile battery-powered devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives encompassing everything from phones to electric vehicles. Performance demands from consumers push manufacturers to seek higher performing, more reliable, and lower cost batteries. Unfortunately, the best available Li-ion batteries are nearing their performance limits due to material limitations. Conventional Li-ion also has significant safety concerns that lead to increased cost, as safety features must be engineered into the battery system.

The electric vehicle (EV) is revolutionizing the transportation industry by offering the most viable path to zero-emission transportation, lower cost-of-ownership, and increased performance. EV batteries face continuous pressure for increased performance and lower cost. While current lithium-ion batteries continue to provide incremental improvements, the industry demands more advanced solutions capable of providing a true jump in performance thereby accelerating e-mobility.

Solid Power battery and materials

The Science

One approach to achieving a substantial increase in battery energy density is through the use of lithium metal as the anode material. Lithium metal anodes are not typically used in rechargeable batteries due to their tendency to short-circuit due to “dendrite” growth. Solid-state represents a viable path to enabling stable cycling of lithium metal batteries as the solid electrolyte-separator layer allows for uniform plating and stripping of Li metal without formation of dendrites or consumption of the electrolyte. The result is an energy dense, highly reliable all solid-state battery capable of delivering high cycle life and high power. While rechargeable all solid-state batteries (ASSB) using a lithium-metal have been commercialized, they have either been limited to very small capacity cells (a few mAh at most) or require continuous operation at elevated temperature, in both cases due to inherent limits in their solid-electrolyte material.

New solid electrolytes are continuously being invented with much higher ionic conductivities than those used in thin-film ASSBs but thus far no group has demonstrated an ASSB that can meet all mobile power performance requirements (energy, power, cycle life, and cost) while also being manufactured using scalable processes. Overcoming these barriers in ASSB performance and cost is Solid Power’s mission.

Electric Vehicles +
Industrial +
Aerospace +
Defense +

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the automotive sector - delivering the most viable path towards near zero-emission transportation. By increasing safety and energy, Solid Power’s ASSB is positioned to play a key role in powering the automotive industry’s next-generation by addressing consumers’ performance and cost concerns.

Industrial applications are one of several primary markets for Solid Power. Our unique combination of safety, energy density, low self-discharge, and high temperature tolerance allows our batteries to go where others cannot.

Aircraft and satellites are placing ever-increasing demands on their battery systems. Whether it be future all-electric-aircraft or advanced electric propulsion systems increasingly utilized by low-earth orbit (LEO) small satellites, the need for higher energy batteries is ever present as it directly determines mission success. Furthermore, previous safety events have necessitated over-engineered battery packs, adding weight and limiting effectiveness. Reducing weight and enhancing safety are game changers.

The military is increasingly reliant on battery-powered devices and indeed, the burden of carrying these batteries has become a significant concern to military leadership. For defense applications, every gram counts when operations translate to life and safety such as suiting combat soldiers with life-saving electronics or allowing unmanned systems to meet their Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Solid-state batteries offer advancements in portable military products that elevate safety and performance while decreasing weight.

High performance and highly manufacturable all-solid-state batteries.

Inside the Solid Power facility

Our Solution

As the name implies, our solid-state batteries (ASSB) replace the liquid electrolyte in a conventional lithium-ion battery with a highly stable solid ion-conducting material. As a result, our ASSBs are inherently more stable across a broad temperature range while also enabling more efficient cell and pack designs as containment of a liquid is no longer required.

By simply combining a state-of-the-art cathode with a lithium metal anode, Solid Power’s ASSBs can deliver greater than 50% more energy density compared to the best available rechargeable batteries. By removing flammable liquid electrolytes, we provide an inherently safer battery with a simplified cell architecture. Finally, our ASSBs are manufactured in a manner that is highly compatible with industry-standard roll-to-roll manufacturing used in current lithium-ion production.

Battery production equipment

The Science

Our technology suite begins with our solid electrolyte material. We have developed a family of inorganic solid electrolyte materials that are uniquely suited to their intended use. High cell-level energy is enabled through the use of metallic lithium as an anode, a material with a capacity 10 times greater than the graphite anodes used in current lithium-ion batteries. By enabling a metallic lithium anode, we can deliver an energy density and specific energy that greatly surpasses the best available rechargeable batteries. The combination of increased safety, higher energy, and design simplicity translate into lower cost battery systems by eliminating many of the highly engineered safety and thermal management features that are necessary with today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Energetic +
Safe +
Reliable +
Solid-state +

Cutting-edge energy dense materials enables longer run-time per charge than existing batteries.

We make batteries containing no flammable liquid electrolytes. Our batteries consistently exhibit fully benign failure under abuse conditions.

Unsurpassed shelf life, abuse tolerance and high temperature stability.

Power that is inherently safer with higher energy density and a longer lifespan.

Revolutionizing the battery is hard.

But really important work often is.

Aerial Shot of the Solid Power Facility


Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of next-generation all-solid-state batteries. With considerably higher energy and greatly improved safety, ASSBs have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets. Established in 2012, our world-class team of battery researchers and engineers are engaged in both new material development and manufacturing scale-up in our Colorado-based facility.

Solid Power’s team and facility are pushing the boundary of ASSB performance and manufacturing scale. We work exclusively with ASSB materials that provide the best blend of performance and manufacturability. Our state-of-the-art research facility, combined with our MWh-scale roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line, enables new material development and rapid transition to scale. Our team is heavily focused on meeting our customers’ and partners’ performance, manufacturing, and economic requirements thereby accelerating widespread e-mobility.

The Solid Power Team


From the outside, Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of ASSBs. From the inside, Solid Power is a collection of individuals with a shared passion and purpose in revolutionizing energy storage and enabling future e-mobility. Our work environment is highly collaborative and one that is based on trust and mutual respect. We take pride in our honest and transparent approach to communication, whether it be internally or with our external partners and customers. Our team is made up of incredibly talented and creative engineers and scientists who take considerable pride and ownership in their work. We believe very strongly that these traits combine to result in an exceptionally high-quality work product that meets or exceeds our customers’ and partners’ expectations.


Solid Power employees


Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of next-generation all-solid-state batteries. We are a key player in the automotive industry’s quest to further develop ASSBs toward automotive requirements, which could truly transform the design and integration of electric vehicles.

We are always looking for the world's most talented engineers, those who thrive on a fast-paced environment and who are driven to push the industry to new heights and tackle new challenges.

Solid Power is always looking for team members to support our cutting-edge, high technology programs. Click below to view our job openings.

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