Powering Solid Power’s platform technology

Solid Power’s all-solid-state batteries remove the flammable liquid electrolyte and polymer separator layer in a traditional lithium-ion battery and replace it with a solid layer. This thin, solid layer acts as a barrier to keep the anode and cathode from touching one another, which would short the battery. It also acts as a conductive electrolyte.

Solid Power’s sulfide-based solid electrolyte is the key ingredient that powers Solid Power’s All-Solid-State Battery Platform technology. Solid Power’s electrolytes offer the best combination of conductivity (the ability to move ions back and forth quickly), manufacturability and cell-level performance.

The most advanced

Solid Power produces the most advanced known solid electrolytes. Only Solid Power develops and produces sulfide-based solid electrolytes at pilot scale and tests in large format cells produced on a scalable production line.

Solid Power’s current electrolyte and future R&D chemistry is designed to outperform competing sulfides.

Solid Power’s core sulfide-based solid electrolyte technology uses earth-abundant materials. We expect to scale electrolyte production to power 800,000 electrified vehicles using our all-solid-state battery cells annually by 2028.