Safe, energy dense, all solid-state batteries.


Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of next-generation of all solid-state batteries. Our solid-state batteries provide a major improvement in energy density, safety, and reliability compared to the best Li-ion cells available. Together, these performance attributes can enable profound performance improvements of battery-powered devices such as electric vehicles, medical devices, aircraft and satellites through increased run time, increased safety and lower cost.

Established in 2012, Solid Power has assembled a world-class team of battery researchers and engineers. We occupy a 21,000 square-foot facility located within the Colorado Technology Center in Louisville, CO along the beautiful front range of the Rocky Mountains. Our facility will produce solid-state batteries off a 12 MWh, roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line beginning in 2019. The pilot line will support early product sales into beachhead markets, and by focusing on repeatable and scaleable manufacturing, the facility will allow our technology and processes to scale towards automotive-grade performance.

Our Technology

Our technology combines a cathode, metallic lithium anode, and a safe, inorganic solid electrolyte layer. By enabling a metallic lithium anode, we can deliver greater than twice the energy density compared to best available rechargeable batteries. By removing volatile and flammable liquid electrolytes, we provide an inherently safer battery with a simplified cell architecture. The combination of safety, higher energy density, and simplicity translate into lower cost battery systems by eliminating many of the over-engineered safety features that are necessary with lithium-ion systems today.


Exceptionally energy dense materials enabling a considerably longer run-time per charge than existing batteries.


We make batteries containing no flammable liquid electrolyte. Our batteries consistently exhibit fully benign failure in internal and third-party testing.


Exceptionally stable materials possessing unsurpassed shelf life and high-temperature stability.

Solid State

Unique performance attributes achievable only in the solid-state phase.

Electric Vehicles

Electrified vehicles are revolutionizing the automotive sector and are the most viable path towards near zero-emission transportation. Solid Power and its partners recognize that increasing both energy density and safety with all solid-state batteries, can dramatically improve the performance, simplicity, and cost of electric vehicles. We are excited to play a key role in powering the automotive industry’s next-generation.


Industrial applications are one of several key beachhead markets for Solid Power. Our unique combination of safety, energy density, and high temperature performance will allow our batteries to go where others cannot.

Aerospace & Defense

For aerospace and defense applications, every gram counts. Whether you are launching a satellite into orbit or powering all of a soldier’s electronics – extra weight translates into added cost or an application simply being viable. Furthermore, previous safety events have necessitated over-engineered battery packs that limit effectiveness. Increasing both specific energy and safety are game changers.


From the operating room to implantable devices, batteries are key in powering the medical devices and monitoring we’ve come to rely on. Decreasing the size of many batteries while inherently improving safety can cut down on packaging, and enable a host of new medical products being hampered by the limitations of Li-ion.

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